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Now Available - Free Use of a Comprehensive, Relational
HIT Vendor Database Under
Budget-Friendly Maintenance and Update Terms 

Microsoft Cloud for HIT Vendor Database
Understanding healthcare information technology (HIT) vendor performance is essential toward selecting the best solution to build your IT future strategy.  That's why we offer a very affordable database of performance scores, vendor reports, and appropriate free telephone consulting services to provide maintenance and updates. 

Jewson Enterprises is an independent research firm that offers experience, skills, national insights and impressions, and a unique relational database of HIT vendors.  Your selection committee and/or consultant can use the power of our information to make the best decision.

Your information will be placed on Microsoft Cloud by a private link to be accessed anytime and anyplace.  After processing your membership, you will receive a link to a sample vendor report.  Remember, you are not obligated other than protecting copyrights.

Now available – free use of a comprehensive, relational HIT Vendor Database under favorable terms:


  • Jewson Enterprises will continue to maintain the database.

  • The database including updates will reside on the Microsoft Cloud for anytime access.

  • Jewson Enterprises will perform database customizing and/or research under a fixed-price separate agreement.

  • Jewson Enterprises will discuss the database schema and how to use database.

Jewson Enterprises will request a monthly maintenance and update fee of $390 for 12 months or $16 per 8 hours. Members have unlimited use as long as it is internal and not released to others.

AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES: Our HIT Vendor Relational Database provides competitive intelligence flexibility for every healthcare business strategist.
  • Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Comparison
  • Centralized access to IT vendor performance
  • Sources of merger & acquisition (M&A) interested parties
  • Sources of channels of distribution (e.g., VARs)
  • Continued updates and maintenance
  • Several other valuable additions
  • No restrictions for teleconsulting
  • Unlimited custom vendor database reports based on checklist or telephone requests
Jewson also maintains a database of medical practices but with less focus than the HIT vendor database.  However, members may request customer database on medical practices by state and city, providing the following data elements: number of physicians, number of locations, practice name, address, and key specialty
Major Products and Services:

  • EHR-EMR Solutions
  • Managed Care Information Solutions
  • Practice Management Solutions
However, if you are involved in strategy development, our cloud-based intelligence system connects provider organization registrants to healthcare IT vendors.  This knowledge base is a compendium of IT vendor databases that are regularly updated with rich content for decision-making and strategically focused on improving the best vendor finalists.  The databases can be setup as follows (selected):
  • HIT Vendor Database (Microsoft Access relational database system; 654 vendors)
  • Directory-All IT Vendors (Excel; 654 vendors)
  • Directory-Ambulatory Care Surgery Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Behavioral Health Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Billing Services Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Emergency Department Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Electronic Health Records Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Electronic Health Records-Practice Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Emergency Medicine Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Home Health Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Managed Care Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Oncology Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Pathology Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Population Health Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Practice Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Radiology Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Revenue Cycle Management Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Radiology Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Urgent Care Vendors (Excel)
We will continue to add to this directory of directories.
Implementation Configurations:

  • Client-Server
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Cloud-based