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Jewson POMIS Analyst gathers information from libraries, organizations, professionals, and social media.
Healthcare Information Technology
Vendor Relational Database
Continually Maintained For Use FREE
Microsoft Cloud for HIT Vendor Database
The HIT Vendor Relational Database now includes all vendors for competitive intelligence gathering.

Access from anyplace, anywhere, and from most devices always free.  We do ask a nominal fee to maintain and update to upload to the Microsoft Cloud.  SIGN UP to receive a free example of the database.

  • No software to install – run Windows 7 or higher
  • No hardware to manage
  • No licensing fee
  • No contracts
  • No cost per user
  • No fee to implement
  • Immediate access from Microsoft Cloud via a private link
  • Nominal maintenance and update support fee: $199 per month or $2000 per 12 months
AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITIES: Our HIT Vendor Relational Database provides competitive intelligence flexibility for every healthcare business strategist.
  • Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) Comparison
  • Centralized access to IT vendor performance
  • Sources of merger & acquisition (M&A) interested parties
  • Sources of channels of distribution (e.g., VARs)
  • Continued updates and maintenance
  • Several other valuable additions
  • No restrictions for teleconsulting
  • Unlimited custom vendor database reports based on checklist or telephone requests
Jewson also maintains a database of medical practices but with less focus than the HIT vendor database.  However, members may request customer database on medical practices by state and city, providing the following data elements: number of physicians, number of locations, practice name, address, and key specialty
HIT Industry Focus: Primarily focused on the Physician’s Office Management & Medical Information Systems (POMIS) industry of EHR-EMR solutions, PM solutions, and managed care information systems solutions, as well as related markets.
The POMIS Industry: The POMIS industry is a group of IT firms (sellers) producing information technology solutions/systems to automate the functions within an ambulatory care  or medical providers (buyer).  The products consists of EHR systems, PMS, and managed care information systems.  The sellers or supliers of products delivery client-server configurations, medical billing services, and Cloud-based configurations.
Major Products and Services:

  • EHR-EMR Solutions
  • Managed Care Information Solutions
  • Practice Management Solutions
However, if you are involved in strategy development, our cloud-based intelligence system connects provider organization registrants to healthcare IT vendors.  This knowledge base is a compendium of IT vendor databases that are regularly updated with rich content for decision-making and strategically focused on improving the best vendor finalists.  The databases can be setup as follows (selected):
  • HIT Vendor Database (Microsoft Access relational database system; 637 vendors)
  • Directory-All IT Vendors (Excel; 637 vendors)
  • Directory-Ambulatory Care Surgery Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Behavioral Health Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Billing Services Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Emergency Department Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Electronic Health Records Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Electronic Health Records-Practice Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Emergency Medicine Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Home Health Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Managed Care Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Oncology Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Pathology Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Population Health Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Practice Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Radiology Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Revenue Cycle Management Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Radiology Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Urgent Care Vendors (Excel)
We will continue to add to this directory of directories.
Implementation Configurations:

  • Client-Server
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Cloud-based

My Option or Your Option

My Option 1 
  • Use the HIT Vendor Database for 12 months.
  • Includes regular updates and maintenance for term of use.
  • Database available on Microsoft Cloud using private link.
  • Maintenance fee: $199 per month for 12 months or $2000 per 12 months
My Option 2
  • Purchase all assets and rights to HIT Vendor Database of 637 vendors as of 9/1/2015.
  • Special consulting engagement services to continue updating and maintaining database as a contractual employee for 18 months.
  • Perform requested research or white paper within the limits of NDAs.
  • If Vinson Jene Hudson finds an interested party that turns into a commission in which Mr. Hudson is paid, Mr. Hudson will share 50-50.
  • Complete purchase asking price: $48,000.
Your Option;