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Jewson POMIS Analyst gathers information from libraries, organizations, professionals, and social media.

Access from anyplace, anywhere, or anytime from most devices always free. We only request a nominal monthly fee to maintain and update via Microsoft Cloud.

  • Access to hundreds of HIT vendors in a relational database format; see membership form for details - http://1drv.ms/1misAvU.
  • Physicians & Practices
  • Expenditures by practice
  • Trends & Events
  • Technology advances
  • Competitors summary analysis
  • No consulting fee
  • No contract
  • No obligations beyond maintenance and update fee
  • Unlimited telephone inquiry with analyst
  • Private access to a unique database of HIT vendors online anytime and anyplace via Microsoft Cloud
  • No cost involved in updating databases
  • Will consider your proposalWe mentor college students on the opportunities in medical electronics in exchange for a unique competitive intelligence information gathering strategy. A few colleagues have contributed to get us started. Now we must demonstrate value. We now sustain Jewson Enterprises from small amounts of funds from many contributors. That's right, participating members decide on what to give.

Jewson Enterprises is now operating in a social environment for-profit. Its social purpose is to encourage K12 through graduate students to seek the opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This social venture focuses on minority students and especially African-Americans. While such ventures are typically established as not-for-profit organizations, we are convinced that a for-profit research firm like ours will deliver value as a pipeline to talent.

Support the national STEM movement – Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics.

Social media is entrenched in national and global communities. This includes companies and organizations. We once ignored social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. Then we learned how to use the technology to find industry intelligence quickly.

Although responses were inspirational, we wanted to be unique; therefore, we adopted the national STEM movement that reaches out to thousands of K12, undergraduate, and graduate students. Go to STEM CONCEPT for details about STEM.  Here is iResearch business unit from Microsoft Cloud.

We believe everyone should have access to knowledge — for free, without restriction, without limitation. Please help us sustain a different business operations and improve iResearch knowledge base.  Thank you.


Microsoft Cloud research platform and database tools.

  • Fully installed Microsoft Office apps for PC & Mac.
  • Work across multiple devices: Tablets, phones, Windows, Apple, Android, etc.
  • Access anytime, anyplace, or anywhere

$99.99 per month fee for unlimited use, including knowledge base maintenance and updates as well as managed college students mentoring research. Although the price is more competitive than most research firms, we earn a fair profit; provide a pipeline to medical electronics graduating talent; and support the national STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) movement.

  1. No additional fee for use
  2. No consulting fee for use
  3. Unlimited access to members
  4. Budget-friendly custom research if requested.