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Jewson POMIS Analyst gathers information from libraries, organizations, professionals, and social media.
The Independent Healthcare IT Vendor Investigation Team provide private industry investigation and competitive intelligence experts who information, interpretations, insights, impressions, and ethical private intelligence-gathering.  

Has your organization implemented a population health management (PHM) strategy?  If you have, the strategy should meet the Triple Aim Initiative (see TRIPLE AIM MARKETPLACE page for details) using an end-to-end automated solution.

However, if you are involved in strategy development, our cloud-based intelligence system connects provider organization registrants to healthcare IT vendors.  This knowledge base is a compendium of IT vendor databases that are regularly updated with rich content for decision-making and strategically focused on improving the best vendor finalists selections valued between low cost and FREE.  As of June 1, 2015, the databases are:

  • HIT Vendor Database (Microsoft Access; 648 vendors)
  • Directory-All IT Vendors (Excel; 648 vendors)
  • Directory-Ambulatory Care Surgery Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Behavioral Health Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Billing Services Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Emergency Department Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Electronic Health Records Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Electronic Health Records-Practice Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Emergency Medicine Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Home Health Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Managed Care Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Oncology Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Pathology Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Population Health Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Practice Management Solutions Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Radiology Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Revenue Cycle Management Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Radiology Information Systems Vendors (Excel)
  • Directory-Urgent Care Vendors (Excel)

We will continue to add to this directory of directories or members may request a modification.

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Managed Care Information Systems Vendor Database

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